Hi, I’m Jacob.

I'm available for
Product Design
UI/UX Design
Creative Direction
3D Design
Visual Design

I desigNostalgic, creative technologist with an old soul.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a focus in Product Design, UI/UX Design, and 3D Design with more than 16 years of professional experience.

I'm excited by the transformative potential of 3D and spatial experiences, and its ability to enhance knowledge retention, captivate, educate, and alleviate buyer uncertainty.

table scene of people enjoying Zacapa rum.
mockup of a laptop with Century's new redesign depicted on the screen
Additional Work
Jacob is one of the most giving individuals I know. When we embarked on starting Ario in 2016 we knew we would need someone who would take the plunge and help us get things rolling from the design side of things. We saw some of his explorations with augmented reality and knew he would be a wonderful fit. Since the very beginning, he has demonstrated this time and again. One of the most impressive things about Jacob is his agility between disciplines. He navigates UI design, 3D design, and photogrammetry at a high level of expertise. It's inspiring to witness. You'll be lucky to have Jacob on your team.
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Photo of Nate
Nate Fender
COO and co-founder of Ario
I had the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Jacob at Ario. From our first meeting together, I was inspired by Jacob's generosity and ability to demonstrate leadership through honest connection and a strong sense of empathy. As a designer, Jacob is meticulous and highly concerned with details that others often overlook. He has a wide array of skills sets in designing for digital products, 3D modeling, UI, UX and has shared some incredible photogrammetry work. I often leaned on Jacob to provide a thoughtful perspective on UI topics in animation, AR-specific interactions, and 3D model handling. He has a keen sense of how to work with others and is always looking for creative ways to improve his skillset and workflow in order to be a better designer and team member. Jacob has been an excellent combination of a strong leader, welcoming personality, and conscientious designer.
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Photo of Kara
Kara Valdon
UX Designer at Ario
Working with Jacob was an absolute joy on every level. Over the past decade as an iOS developer, I've worked with a wide variety of designers. More than anyone else, Jacob seems to just "get" how to make a design look and feel right on a mobile platform. He's great to work with, because he seeks and accepts feedback on his designs throughout the process, so the end product is the best of his vision and the input of the developers who will be implementing it. Working with Jacob and his designs has made me a better developer because he has pushed me to higher levels of creating UI/UX that are simultaneously user friendly and push the limits of what I can develop and how I think about user interaction within an app.

On a personal level, I really miss working with Jacob and interacting with him regularly. He's a welcoming soul, a positive person, and raises the level of interaction within a team. He seeks out conversation, both professionally and personally, which makes for a better product and better relationships within our company. There is a depth to Jacob's personality that isn't always on display with many people, and by putting that out there, he encourages others to do the same. He's the kind of person I feel lucky to know, and am better by that. I can't think of any team that would not be improved by having Jacob with them. Jacob is an amazing designer; he's an even better human.
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photo of Brett
Brett Keck
Senior iOS Developer at Ario