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Century: Analytics Library, Report Builder Design and CSS embed support

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two images of wireframe designstwo images of wireframe designs

Third-Party Software Research and Wire framing

Logi Integration

A large part of this project was that Century was migrating to Snowflake from Dundas as well as a third-party integration for generating user data for their orders and status as reports as well as widgets using Logi.

I focused primarily on understanding Logi and how it might be integrated into project Horizon in a way that best served the client and their users while feeling like one experience. I oriented myself by reading Logi's documentation, note taking, as well as various client calls and watching former client calls with Logi. Robin, product owner of the Analytics Library, wanted to ensure that we were able to support scoping for reports through Logi and Snowflake

Current product research

While doing the Logi discover, I took on the responsibility and ownership of the Analytics Library which would be the hub to contain reports for a user within the scope of their organization. In order to best support Century, I needed to have a good understanding of what their current product offerings and features were and how it relates to the redesign.

High fidelity mockups and prototyping

Simple Thread, prior to being onboarded to the project, already conducted a lot of UX research as well as the overall visual language, and style guide. This enabled me to quickly go from wireframe to mid fidelity/high fidelity quite rapidly. While being on this project for almost 6 months, I took on most of the design for Analytics Library.

prototype of Century's redesign plaform
prototype of Century's redesign plaform
design artifacts for Century's platform redesign

CSS and VM environment support

The CSS and VM environment support was a crucial aspect of the project, and I collaborated with a junior UI/UX designer from Echobind to handle outlier screens and finalize flows based on my designs. I also dedicated efforts to restyling various legacy pages and Logi to seamlessly integrate them into the new design. Within the VM environment, I needed to rebuild the server in order for the custom icons to work as well as the custom CSS—more than 7k lines of CSS.


mockup of a laptop with Century's new redesign depicted on the screen

Throughout the project, my work garnered significant praise and trust from the product owner, Century team members, and the UX Consultant. As a result, I took on the role of representative for Echobind as Simple Thread handed off the client to me. During the project's closing stages, I successfully integrated custom CSS for the legacy pages and Logi, contributing to the project's overall success.

The collaboration between Century Supply Chain Solutions, Simple Thread, and Echobind resulted in a transformative redesign that elevated the logistics platform's functionality, performance, and aesthetics. With a highly responsive, efficient, and visually appealing interface, Century is now equipped to deliver an enhanced user experience and stay ahead in the competitive logistics industry.