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Jacob Galito

Senior Designer

Experienced multidisciplinary designer with 16+ years in Product Design, 3D Design, and layout design. Proficient in UI design, 3D modeling, photogrammetry, print, photography, videography, and journalism. Thrives in high-pressure environments, handling multiple responsibilities with excellence. Formerly served on USS Enterprise and art director for Chief of Navy Reserve's TNR magazine. Co-founded and served as creative director for an augmented reality software company. Dedicated, adaptable, and driven to create impactful user experiences.

I have worked as a creative director and co-founder for more than four years. During that time I have been a valuable and hard-working member of the team and showed my ability to work under pressure to deliver on company goals through my skills in UI/UX design, 3D pipeline, and photogrammetry. I am looking to bring my skills to a new role as a Senior Designer.


Senior Product Designer

February 2022 - June 2023

As a Senior Product Designer, I've work on more than 10 internal and external projects through various phases including RFPs, discovery, wireframing, high fidelity design, and prototyping. I've also maintained multiple websites using Webflow and Plasmic, and led a small team on 3D projects using three.js, A-frame, and React-three/fiber.

Senior Designer (freelance)

September 2021 - December 2021

As a Senior Designer, my expertise spanned wireframing, high-fidelity responsive design, interactive prototyping, illustration, and 3D scene creation. I excelled in texture reprojection, UV mapping, and exporting the scene to integration into the react-three/fiber environments. My diverse skill set enabled me to deliver captivating and immersive design solutions for the client's marketing website experience.

Ario Technologies inc.
co-founder & Creative Director

March 2017 - July 2021

As the Creative Director, I spearheaded the design team as the lead Product Designer, driving the exploration of innovative solutions to meet stakeholders' goals. By utilizing wireframing, developing high-fidelity designs, and conducting prototyping, I played a pivotal role in delivering user-centric experiences. Additionally, I leveraged my expertise in creating and optimizing 3D models, UVs, textures, and photogrammetry to enhance augmented reality solutions for web, iOS, and Android platforms. Through my strategic leadership and hands-on approach, I ensured the successful execution of projects that seamlessly merged design excellence with cutting-edge technology.
Mid-level UI Designer

November 2016 - June 2017

As a  Mid-level UI Designer, I worked closely with design and development teams to deliver exceptional solutions that aligned with the business goals of internal stakeholders and clients. Through meticulous wireframing, crafting high-fidelity designs, and conducting interactive prototyping, I played a pivotal role in translating complex requirements into visually captivating and intuitive user interfaces. By fostering effective communication and leveraging the expertise of cross-functional teams, I ensured the seamless integration of design and development processes, resulting in the successful realization of innovative and impactful digital experiences.

Navy Reserve Forces
Art Director

September 2013 - September 2016

During my time at Navy Reserve Headquarters, I played a vital role in the organization's communication efforts. As the lead designer for TNR magazine, I designed over 30 issues, ensuring visually captivating layouts and designs. I also managed the Navy Reserve's social media accounts, creating engaging content to inform and connect with the audience. Additionally, I provided photography and videography services for various events, capturing impactful moments. Managing the command photo lab, I conducted official portraits and produced passport photos. Through these multifaceted responsibilities, I actively contributed to the effective communication and visual storytelling initiatives of the Navy Reserve.

Navy Cyber Forces
Layout Designer

January 2013 - September 2013

During my assignment on the USS Enterprise, I had the opportunity to serve with Navy Cyber Forces, where I excelled in creating captivating layouts, designs, and photography for Info Domain magazine. I also contributed articles, showcasing my versatile writing abilities. This experience enhanced my creative talents and expanded my expertise in Navy communications.

USS Enterprise
Mass Communication Specialist

February 2010 - September 2013

In my role as a mass communication specialist, I excelled in photo and video journalism, content creation, and layout design for the command's daily newspaper, The Shuttle. Additionally, I took charge of managing eight TV stations, creating the command's website, and providing support to the public affairs team in organizing distinguished visitor packages, retirement ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, the 50th anniversary and its inactivation ceremony.


Visual Design

Interaction Design


UI/UX Design


Hard-surface 3D model

Model Optimization/Retopology

UV Unwrap/UDIMs

PBR Textures




Abobe CC

Invision Studio


G Suite/ Adobe CC




Substance Painter

Rizom UV

Cinema 4D



Reality Capture/Object Capture



Visual Studio Code





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