AR-enabled Experiences

White House Historical Association

Logo fro the White House Historical Association
Web Design
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Creative Direction
UI/UX Design


Project Manager
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2.5D Models

Click any of the models below to view.
painting of the white house
illustration of the white house
depiction of suffragettes
photo illustration of Theodore Roosevelt petting a dog
2.5D painting of Theodore Roosevelt riding a horse
Photo Illustration of Dwight D. Eisenhower
Photo Illustration of John F. Kennedy
photo illustration of Donald J. Trump

Research & Clean Selects

During this project, before getting started on development, we needed to identify the imagery we wanted to use in our AR experiences. I worked closely with the project manager in order to ensure that the client would be aligned with the imagery we ended up going with.

In order to associate the images we selected to the 3D, AR experience, we first needed to ensure that the subjects in the images were removed from the background. That way when we project the images onto a 3D surface there isn't any unwanted artifacts or background shown.

Development and Testing in AR

Google model-viewer

The initial deliverables were all provided by way of using model-viewer and was delivered as live links from Glitch. I ensured that the urls were custom named to what was being presented as well as adding <title> <meta> tags as well as the appropriate favicon for WHHA.

8th Wall

For the second deliverables, Janelle designed the "baseball cards" that she got printed and mailed to WHHA as part of a gift bag to various donors for an event. Sind the delivery wasn't going to be based on geolocation, we needed to come up with a solution that worked for this deliverable. The idea was to have these baseball cards have QR codes on the back in order for the recipients to take out their phone and be presented with a 8th Wall link that then delivers the recipients an AR experience that features the cutout of the president of each corresponding card with the added feature to take a photo of the president cut out.

Baseball Cards

Since I never received copies of the baseball cards, I created 3D representations of them below.


View all: Hover + left mouse button

Rotate: Click and drag away from the cards

Zoom: two-finger pinch or mouse wheel

Pan: two-finger swipe up/down left/right on trackpad


The results of both deliverables were a success. Even prior to the launch of both deliverables, the internal audience at WHHA loved the end results. After the launch of the first deliverable, the campaign successfully expanded WHHA's reach to users that were geolocated around DC during the time frame the campaign was live. The baseball cards were given to the donors that were at the yacht club golf function and were well received.