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Discovery, Competitive Research, and Accessiblity

During the discovery phase, I had the privilege of collaborating with Tachus' talented team members, who shared their invaluable perspectives and domain expertise. Recognizing the significance of understanding the competitive landscape, I embarked on thorough research, exploring industry trends and successful user journeys. Equipped with these learnings, I ensured that our design solutions were uniquely tailored to meet Tachus' specific needs while enhancing user experiences.

Extended Colors and Wireframing

Building on Tachus' established identity, I was thrilled to witness a clear direction emerge during the discovery phase. Presenting my color explorations and wireframes to the client for review, their feedback further honed our vision. Armed with this clarity, I confidently progressed to the next phase, crafting high-fidelity designs that resonated with Tachus' brand essence and fulfilled their user's requirements.

wireframes for Tachus
high fidelity design for Tachushigh fidelity design for Tachus

High Fidelity Designs

Incorporating the visual design exploration into the approved wireframe layouts, I brought the vision to life through striking high-fidelity designs. Attention to detail and a user-centric approach defined every element, resulting in a seamless and intuitive interface for Tachus' customers.


a mockup of a laptop and iPhone displaying a redesign for Tachus Fiber Internet

While I was not involved in the project's final implementation, I successfully delivered the initial results. Tachus expressed their satisfaction with the findings from the discovery and branding audit, as well as the high-fidelity mockups. As a result, Echobind's efforts continued to progress on this project, empowering Tachus to provide an improved and user-friendly address checker and purchasing experience for their customers.

The collaboration between Tachus Fiber Internet and Echobind exemplified the value of comprehensive research, client communication, and adherence to accessibility standards. Through the redesign initiative, Tachus is better positioned to achieve its expansion goals and offer enhanced services to its growing customer base. The project's success underscores the significance of user-centric design in optimizing online experiences and driving business growth.