Walmart + NOW Art Mural Program

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a photo illustration showcasing the final design of a mural on a wall
Mockup of the final design on the entrance of the Walmart in Virginia Beach Town Center

The installation of these murals at Walmart locations had a profound impact on the surrounding areas. Not only did they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the spaces, but they also sparked conversations, created opportunities for artistic engagement, and promoted a sense of place-making.

The collaboration between NOW Art and the local artist served as a testament to the power of supporting and showcasing talent within the community. By entrusting the project to a local artist, the initiative not only highlighted the abundance of artistic skill in the Hampton Roads area but also stimulated economic growth by redirecting resources back into the local economy.

Overall, the outcome of this collaboration exceeded expectations. The murals not only achieved their intended purpose of beautifying the Walmart locations but also sparked a sense of pride, identity, and community engagement. By leveraging the talent of a local artist, NOW Art Public Art successfully fostered a deeper connection between the Walmart locations and the residents of the Hampton Roads area, leaving a lasting legacy of creativity and unity in its wake.