Clerestory: Rebranding, Marketing Website, and Tradeshow Materials Support

Rebranding, Marketing Website, and Tradeshow Materials Support
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Exploration of a fresh, new look

During the design exploration phase, we looked at a variety of approaches for Clerestory's rebranding, but ultimately landed on one that felt the most representative of their brand while still conveying the SaaS product feel they were looking for.

A Responsive Website Experience that Reflected Their Voice, Developed within a Quick Timeline

During the discovery phase, it became clear that they had an excellent product that needed an equally impressive website to elevate the brand and support its business goals. After discussions with the founders we discovered the key words and look and feel that resonated with them the most. We then created a design language that felt cohesive while leveraging existing photos of their kitchen and bath remodeling work.

Design Materials and Development Support for Clerestory’s Tradeshow Booth

As the website redesign launch neared its end, Clerestory planned to attend a tradeshow. They asked Echobind to help them by creating a landing page to promote the tradeshow, as well as materials they can use and share at the event. We created a landing page to promote their Hawaii trip promotion; a table cover; business cards; hand outs; a poster; and a backdrop.


a screen capture showing the home page of Clerestory's new marketing site

The Clerestory rebranding project successfully refreshed the company's visual identity and messaging, enabling them to better convey their unique value proposition to potential clients. The new website and tradeshow materials were well-received by both internal stakeholders and external audiences, helping to generate new leads and opportunities for the company. Overall, the project was a great success and positioned Clerestory for continued growth and success in the years to come.