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Screenshot of the HARLEY AR app
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About the project

Peraton came to us, at Ario, with a request to develop 3 augmented reality apps and one 90" touchscreen app within a two to three month turn around in order for them to present the apps at their tradeshows.

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The Client

Peraton is a government contractor that works within multiple domains for solutions in the defense industry. From cyber, digital, cloud, operations and engineering etc.


The challenge of this project was that all of my co-workers were focused on creating/building other software; which meant that I would have to step up and create the majority of these projects would have to be created and developed by myself.


In order to quickly create these experiences and get feedback from the client in a timely manner, I chose to design and prototype these experiences using Unity, 3D assets were purchase to help speed up the process and others were to be custom made, optimized or textured.

The result

Interview at GEOINT 2018

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HARLEY Tradeshow App

Cross Domain Solutions Trade show App

OS Comet Trade show App

90" touchscreen experience

Additional Assets

My role

My responsibility was to collect requirements from the client, rapid prototype each app concept, purchase and create all 3D assets necessary, optimize, texture, UI/UX design, level design, as well as animation for all four apps.