Ario 3D Branding

Look Dev and 3D branding for

About the work
This project was a part of the over all new initiative for the branding for Ario. As part of that we were looking for a look and feel that echoed felt on brand both with overall look and feel as well as colors usage. The project required a pre-rendered video for the hero section for the main page, the platform page, as well as one per product, Ario Enterprise app and Ario Connect. Additionally, the goal was to come up with two 3D web interactive pieces, having the same look and feel, but represented Ario Enterprise and Ario Connect in an iconic and simplistic sensibility.
Design Exploration
3D Hero footage
My Role
I was responsible with an approach for concept design and 3D color treatment, based off of the feedback from the branding/marketing freelancer's provided branding approach for the 3D content for I performed research on objects that are representative of machinery that would resonate with energy and manufacturing  industries. I was also responsible for reviewing the models that Chris Jennings, art director, created base off of the provided concept sketches from me. At the end of the project I made final color, texture map changes, using Substance Painter, then exported and worked on all of the model-viewer implementation and testing on the website.